Royal`s International

Part of Capital Holding Group.

Royal`s International is a distributor of the biggest companies producing materials for the tobacco industry in the world – Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Irplast Group (BIMO Bopp Filmdivision), Nuova Cartiera Rossi – for Bulgaria and other countries.


Schweitzer-Mauduit International

We produce a wide variety of Cigarette Papers to meet our customers' most exacting needs and specifications, including stringent regulatory requirements. These offer our customers a range of product differentiation attributes and options that is virtually unlimited.

Paper for Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP) cigarettes is now a rapidly growing requirement in more and more markets. We are an industry leader in this category thanks to our groundbreaking Alginex® water-based technology, which enables cigarette manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements without interfering in the smoking experience their consumers seek.

Manufacturers of machine-made cigars utilize our wrapper and binder products, both made from reconstituted tobacco. Binder holds the tobacco filler in a cylindrical shape during production. Wrapper covers the outside of the cigar, providing a uniform, finished appearance.

A mainstay of the industry and a strategic component of blending, RTL is a filler formed from tobacco leaf remnants and byproducts into a highly uniform component that permits our customers to achieve blend consistency and taste signature—elements designed into cigarettes which are critical to market success.

Irplast Group (BIMO Bopp Filmdivision)

Coex transparent
Type Description Product code Thickness (µm)
Coex transparent Un-coated polypropylene two sides heat sealable film to wrap, at maximum machine productivity levels, blocks of 10 cigarette packs. Stilansol nstk 25
Film for cigarettes soft pack and block overwrapping, no shrinkable and both sides sealable. Stilansol llp 16 20
Film for cigarettes hard pack and block overwrapping, medium shrinkable and both sides sealable. Stilansol lts/v 16 18 20 25
Film for cigarettes hard pack overwrapping high shrinkable and both sides sealable. Stilansol ltx/v 16 20
Film for cigarettes block overwrapping for clear collection, no shrinkable, easy peel , one side sealable. Stilansol lnt 25
Film for cigarettes block overwrapping, for clear collection, no shrinkable, high seal strength at low temperature, both sides sealable (under development). Stilansol uxt 25

Nuova Cartiera Rossi

Cork Tipping Paper


Main clients of the company in Bulgaria are KT International, Bulgartabac and Slance Stara Zagora Tabac.

KT International
Slance Stara Zagora Tabac